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We provide legal representation on a contingency fee basis. You shouldn’t have to pay if you were injured because of the negligence of another person.


We don’t get paid unless you win, no retainer, and no hourly billing. We do not charge up-front fees. Our fees are paid from our client’s settlement or verdict. Many cases settle before trial, but if our client’s case goes to trial our client is obligated to pay court costs and expenses irrespective of recovery.

"Mr. Wiltz is the BEST in DFW, highly recommend . Mr. Wiltz went above and beyond When his assistance was needed, his office staff is quick, responsive and knowledgeable I would call numerous times with questions and never felt like a nuisance. If you are seeking an attorney who is knowledgeable, efficient and honest I would highly recommend Mr. Wiltz! "

Karen Vasquez

Bre G

"Mr. Wiltz is AMAZING! No one could have handled my case better. Mr.Wiltz took his time to explain the complete process to me and there was never a point that I did not know what was going on or where we were in my case. He gave me the highest quality of legal service throughout my entire case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Wiltz to anyone in need of a great injury lawyer."
I was in a car accident and called 1-888-874-JURY to assist me with the claim. I have no regrets and I am happy with the resolution of my claim. I'd recommend them to anyone in a wreck.

Eric Clines